Stakeholder Engagement Services

At CSR India, we are committed to managing how your organization impacts and is impacted by its stakeholders. We believe that stakeholder engagement forms the basis of any organisation’s CSR agenda and therefore we follow a strategic and process driven approach. The five step process includes:

  • Identification, prioritising and mapping of the most relevant stakeholders to your business with the aim of mapping how they impact your business and how your business impacts them.
  • Creating a comprehensive engagement strategy which sets clear objectives, identifies the (financial, human & technological) resources required for the engagement process, outlines a detailed methodology and sets a strong mandate for monitoring and evaluation.
  • Implementation and engagement as per the engagement plan, ensuing the objectives of the plan are met and the risks of engagement are mitigated.
  • Analysis and evaluation of the outcomes of engagement, to understand the impact that these key findings have on your business.
  • Preparing a detailed action plan based on the analysis, which identifies how the organisation will respond to stakeholder perceptions, concerns and expectations in order to create lasting value

Business Benefits

CSR India stakeholder engagement services can help your organization:

  • Create better relationships and mutual understanding with those that impact your business the most, enabling your organization to learn from them and unleash new ways of creating long-term value
  • Manage risks and safeguard your reputation by working with stakeholders to incorporate their perspectives into the decision making process, thereby increasing credibility for your organsiation
  • Drive long-term sustainability and shareholder value by aligning your business practices with the needs and expectations of your stakeholders
  • Manage the impact of your organisation on local communities and other stakeholders to avoid the risk of conflict