CSR Reporting Services

At CSR India we help create CSR reports and communication strategies that communicate your commitment to corporate responsibility to your investors, customers and other stakeholders- leading to transparency, trust and credibility. Our reporting and communication team can help your organisation develop:

  • An engaging reporting and communication strategy that effectively communicates your CSR program to shareholders, stakeholder and regulators
  • Credible and well structured reports that highlight your organisation’s key performance indicators and communicate the progress made towards your CSR objectives.
  • A stakeholder engagement framework that facilitates better relations through increased transparency
  • A monitoring system which tracks and assesses the impact of your communication strategy

Business Benefits:

Strong, honest and clear reporting facilitates transparency and increases credibility and accountability. We help you:

  • Demonstrate your commitment to CSR and sustainability to investors & regulators and emphasize the link between financial and non-financial performance to stakeholders.
  • Enhance your brand image and reputation by building credibility through increased accountability.
  • Foster better relations with stakeholders through increased transparency.
  • Streamline and align all sustainability activities across different markets and businesses.
  • Avoid, mitigate or reverse the impacts of negative environmental, social and governance failures.