Project Management Services

At CSR India, we specialise in managing local and national CSR projects for our customers. Our project specialists help organisations with a strategic and systematic approach to managing the implementation process. Implementation or ‘the delivery of social services’ such as healthcare, education, sanitation etc. is carried out by our SCO partners that possess the core expertise and experience in their particular fields of work or geographical areas. Our focus is limited to:

  • Conducting need assessments and baseline surveys, which accurately identify the socio-economic and sustainability challenges that need to be addressed through the project.
  • A feasibility study that provides an assessment of the key success factors of the project and evaluates the realistic likelihood of its success.
  • Providing detailed project planning & budgeting to ensure a smooth implementation process and sound financial management.
  • On-ground project implementation and supervision at every stage of the implementation process to ensure an efficient and effective achievement of targets with maximum impact.
  • Monitoring & evaluation of the project outcome on an on-going basis to minimise deviation.
  • Creating an impact assessment report to communicate the project achievements to your organization’s stakeholders and shareholders

Business Benefits:

CSR India will work with your organisation to create and implement CSR projects that are aligned to your core business and that will:

  • Drive maximum project impact by conducting thorough pre and post project planning and analysis.
  • Execute goals beyond the physical parameters of your organisation, leading to greater impact internally and externally.
  • Provide specialist expertise that you can depend on to derive the maximum out of your CSR strategy.
  • Ensure complete transparency by ways of methods adopted, processes executed and due diligence carried out by our team.