Environmental Services

"Green" is no longer just a buzzword. Climate change is causing unpredictable shifts to ecosystems, marketplaces, and stakeholder needs, creating strategic new risks and opportunities for business. CSR India’s Environment Services help organizations address the challenges created by increasing environmental risks and growing pressure on natural resources in an integrated manner.

  • Climate change & green house gas (GHG) management: we begin by conducting a GHG inventory and a detailed energy profile assessment. Based on the findings, we design sustainability strategies and energy management programs for our clients, aimed at reducing emissions and achieving their climate change objectives.
  • Creating waste management strategies that help organizations find opportunities and cost benefits by extracting value through recycling and reusing waste.
  • Water management: by 2030, global water consumption is expected to rise by 40%, further widening the gap between demand and supply. By first conducting an in-depth water footprint assessment, we help create comprehensive water neutrality roadmaps for our clients, which maximise water efficiency and minimise waste.
  • Creating an integrated environmental strategy, which focuses on how our clients anticipate and respond to the sustainability challenges of the 21stcentury. Our environmental performance management systems enable clients to better manage risks and opportunities across different businesses and markets.