Core Strengths

CSR India helps clients ideate and manage their CSR programs, more efficiently and cost effectively than ever before. Our consolidated services add length and depth to the client’s internal CSR resources.

As a specialist service provider in this field, we have invested in building multi specialty competencies required for managing and executing CSR. We look forward to work alongside your CSR manager as an extension of your team to fulfill meaningful CSR programs for your organization.

Superior leadership

CSR India is led by India’s foremost CSR experts, individuals with extensive education qualifications as well as years of experience in this sector. Our core CSR services team is lead by Professor C. V. Baxi, with over 40 years experience in CSR & corporate strategy. Prof. Baxi has written 5 books on the subject and has served in various government assignments for CSR policy making as well as several consulting assignments with PSUs and large private sector companies. The CSR Intelligence Unit is led by Dr. Rupal Tyagi (PhD in CSR from IIT) with over 8 years of experience in CSR focused research.

Cost effectiveness

Through our advisory board & panel of experts, we give clients access to experts in various fields related to CSR, including public health, education, livelihood development and so on. Clients can derive the benefits and expertise of these professionals without having to bear the cost of these experts' full time engagement.

Consolidated services covering all of the client’s CSR needs

CSR India offers services that cover the entire length and breath of the CSR value chain. From CSR strategy to project management to CSR reporting. Clients no longer need to work with multiple agencies to deliver their CSR objectives.

Dedicated Research Team

That provides clients with superior market intelligence and best practices in CSR. The research team updates clients on industry trends, best practices and key market insights all year round.

Perfect middle ground between the corporate sector and the development sector

We understand corporate strategy as well as the challenges NGOs face while operating on the ground in the development sector. We convert corporate objectives into on-ground development sector deliverables and foster collaborations that meet both corporate objectives and social objectives.

Maintaining Strategic Business perspective of CSR

Our approach enables us to work towards maximizing the social impact of our client’s CSR programs while maintaining focus on the strategic business benefits that their CSR programs have to their core business.