Board of Advisors

Professor C.V. Baxi

Professor C. V. Baxi has been associated with Management Development Institute Gurgaon for more than three decades in senior positions, as the Dean and Director of MDI. His academic areas of teaching and research are Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainable Development, Economics and Strategic Management. He also chaired the Corporate Governance Center of MDI and was the first Director of Indian European Study Center MDI. He was also the Editor of MDI Management Journal for nearly a decade.

He visited the Australian National University, Canberra- Australia as a Fellow and was also the UNDP Fellow at the J L Kellogg Graduate School, North Western University, Chicago- USA. On behalf of MDI Professor Baxi was also the programme Director of Management Programmes for the personnel of South Asia and South East Asian Financial institutions and Banks, sponsored and supported by the World Bank and the ADFIAP. He has travelled to Europe as a visiting faculty to leading business schools in France and Germany during the last one decade.

Professor Baxi was associated with the ASSOCHAM Committee on Corporate Governance and also associated actively with the NFCG seminars of the CII, New Delhi. He has published several books on Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Governance. His forthcoming publications include ‘CSR and Human Rights’ and ‘Corporate Social and Environmental Reporting in India.’ Professor Baxiis presently a visiting faculty at IIM Ranchi, IIM Kozikode, NIIT University, FORE Business School, among others. He is associated with the Ministry of Heavy Industry and Department of Public Enterprises, Government of India and Standing Conference of Public Enterprises (SCOPE) as Programme Director and Faculty of CSR for the Central Public Enterprises in India.

Vice Admiral D. K. Dewan

Following 38 years of service with the Indian Navy, Vice Admiral D. K. Dewan, PVSM AVSM, recently retired as the Vice Chief of Naval Staff (VCNS). Admiral is a distinguished leader with proven organizational planning, change management and wide ranging human resources program expertise. As the VCNS, he was responsible for Strategic, Current & Fiscal planning for the Navy. Management of naval budget included acquisition of ships, submarines, aircrafts and warship building (in India and overseas).

He also led the planning & implementation of major strategic projects of national importance, development of Naval infrastructure in India, management of resources and maritime cooperation with other navies of the world.

Exposed to various domains of Strategic Defence planning and operational efficiency, he brings forth expertise to deliver long-term strategic results with wide ranging governmental mandates. Admiral is widely recognized for his expertise in human resource development, acquisitions and mobilization of resources and project implementation. Known for his innovative ideas and dynamism, he was instrumental in drafting HR policies and a comprehensive plan for improving the quality of life, health & education of naval personnel and their families.

Admiral is an alumnus of Royal College of Defence studies, London and attended Advance Missile Course in Russia and Naval Staff Course at War College at Paris.A keen golfer and health fitness enthusiast, his interests are centered on family life and include reading and travelling.

Mr. Venkatraman Krishnan

Venkatraman Krishnan (Krish) is the Managing Partner of Performance Capital Partners LLP. Krish is a Chartered Accountant and has worked as the CFO of two publicly traded companies for over 10 years, namely ICI India Limited and Chambal Fertilizer and Chemicals Limited (CFCL). CFCL the flagship Company of the KK Birla Group, has investments in India and abroad in diverse fields such as Fertlisers, Shipping, Textiles, ITES, and manufacture of Phosphoric Acid.

During his tenure at CFCL, the company had investments in India and abroad in diverse fields such as Shipping, Textiles, ITES, Biotechnology and manufacture of Phosphoric Acid.

In the past, he has also advised an Indian entrepreneur who has grown his business rapidly by providing innovative solutions to the telecom sector.

Krish has worked in a number of verticals and has the ability to extract value from a diverse range of businesses and situations.He was the Chief Internal Auditor for Imperial Chemical Industries PLC in Asia Pacific for three years and has the ability to operate in multi cultural and diverse environments.He has a strong track record in investor relations and communicating strategy and performance to analysts.

With innovative fund raising experience, Krish has managed the financing requirements of asset intensive businesses of CFCL and was the architect behind three credit rating upgrades obtained by CFCL. He managed to raise peak borrowings of USD 500 million from a number of sources to finance short term and long-term capital requirements.

Krish also excelled in Mergers and Acquisitions. He was the key architect of several disinvestments made by ICI India pursuant to its decision to focus on Paints and exit all other businesses. The disinvestments required innovative structures to minimize transaction costs and to deal with the nuances of individual deals. In CFCL, Krish successfully managed disinvestments and the induction of a new partner in the offshore Phosphoric Acid business.

Krishis a good team leader and a persuasive influencer. He is a Chartered Accountant.

Mr. Ajay Singh Mehta

Mr. Ajay Mehta did his undergraduate studies in Economics from Yale University and M.Phil. from Jawaharlal Nehru University. He worked for the Indian Railways from 1980 to 84, and left it in 85 to join SevaMandir. Mr. Mehta worked in different capacities in SevaMandir from 1985 to 1999, including being the Chief Executive for 9 years.

He stepped down as the CE of SevaMandir keeping in line with SevaMandir’s constitutional provision of change in top leadership. After that, he joined AVARD (Association of Voluntary Agencies for Rural Development) as its General Secretary. He served in AVARD from January 2000 to July 2001. Mr. Mehta then joined the National Foundation for India, an Indian grant making organization as the Executive Director and stepped down from that position in June 2011.

Mr. Mehta is currentlya member of State Planning Board, Rajasthan and President of Board of Trustees Of SevaMandir.

Ms. Araddhya Mehtta

Araddhya’s interest lies in exploring innovative ways in nurturing ‘active citizenship’ to bring about sustainable positive change. She is interested in ‘action research’ that explores evolving models of community governance while shaping an inclusive, collective vision for a common good. Put simply, Araddhya likes to discover how people can control institutions that provide them with essential services, such as healthcare. Her aim is to make sure that the process of discovery brings people together and helps them exchange ideas.

She believes that improving access to basic services in a sustainable way is best achieved by giving people control, and that this requires strong foundations of governance and is passionate about bringing this about.

Araddhya currently works for Oxfam GB on public health and education, based in Oxford but focusing on India, Nepal, Tanzania, Zambia and Ghana. Through her work, she helps southern campaigners to demand better health and education service provision. Before that she was the manager of Oxford Hub, a small NGO working with students and youth groups to inspire them to contribute to positive change, and to connect them to social, economic and environmental causes. Longer ago, she worked as a researcher at the Centre for Policy Research in Delhi and at the Institute of Development Studies at Sussex University exploring how better local governance can improve the education sector in India.

Born and brought up in Delhi and Rajasthan, after an undergraduate degree in History from St Stephen’s College at the University of Delhi, Araddhya followed this up with a Master's in Contemporary Indian History from Jawaharlal Nehru University. She then turned to focus on development and completed an M.Phil. in Development Studies from University of Oxford.

Mr. Govind Sharda

Mr. Sharda is Chartered Accountant by qualification and is a dynamic personality who always wanted to achieve success in the field where he can serve people and grow along with the country’s growth. He is a person with passion & loyalty and has triggered himself to achieve success and serve people. He has to his credit 35 years of experience as a professional and as an entrepreneur.

Mr. Sharda’s responsible outlook has helped him in shouldering many additional responsibilities in addition to his professional callings. He has brought radical changes in business strategies, professionalized the various groups and has redefined the internal systems. His joy lies entirely in the happiness of deeds well done and in the zest of creating new things and fresh goals. His very name spells trust and commitment.

Born with a strong charisma and hunger to excel, Mr. Sharda is a symbol of performance, drive and affirmation. An expert in numerous management methods, he influences the internal and external dynamics of the organization, synergizing them with the success.Principled, yet open to fresh thoughts and ideas, he has always used emerging practices and business models for rapid growth and sustainability of its own kind. Generous by heart, he is a social worker too.

With the reputation of a valuable and trust worthy management expert, he has fulfilled all the expectations of the customers and has also managed to build a unique corporate identity on the other. He implements his vision with sheer perseverance and hard work.

Presently, he is the head of a large real estate company as CEO & Director.